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How Transferring iTunes playlist to new computer in 2021

Transferring iTunes playlist to new computer in 2021

How to transfer iTunes different playlists to your computer?

Is it impossible to transfer your playlists from iTunes to your computer?
The answer is No!
You can easily transfer all your playlists from iTunes to your computer.

Or either change to a new computer and want to get all your playlists back so here is the solution for this thing. Instead of making it from scratch you can easily transfer all your music’s playlists from iTunes to your new computer.
In this article we share 2 way of exporting your playlists onto your new Mac/Pc.

NOTE:- the playlists do not contain any song file, they only contain the information about the songs that are available.

Method 1:Export iTunes Playlists to Computer with iTunes.

In iTunes you can easily move your playlists to a new Pc/Mac using Import and export function.

Step 1:- Open ITunes on your old computer, choose file then choose library then click on export playlists.

Step 2:- Choose the location you want to save the file and finally select “XML” As a format for your file.

Step 3:- Launch iTunes on the new computer, click on file menu then select your library’s and click on import playlists.

Step 4:- Now navigate the playlists XML file you exported and now click “Open”.

Method 2: Transfer iTunes Playlists to New Computer with iTunes Match

For $24.99 a year iTunes match help you to keep your music experience safe, in other term if you lose your playlists from your device then here the iTunes Match comes into the role, iTunes Match has all the playlists backed up there’s nothing to worry about lossing your playlists. So in the article I will show you how to get all your playlists backed up using iTunes match.

Step 1:- Run itunes, go into iTunes Store. Enter your Apple I’d and password then click on login button and then click on Add this computer.

Step 2:- After you purchased the service from Istore. It will upload your iTunes song to iCloud and then click on done option.

Step 3:- Now here you can see the icon of iCloud on front of each and every songs uploaded to iCloud.

Step 4:- Go to your new computer the again open iTunes and sign in with your Apple I’d and password, in the store menu click on the ITunes Match. A list of the music in your iCloud account will download to your library.

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