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download for free PML Serum Presets Tropical House

PML Serum Presets Tropical House


  • Pack: Serum Presets Vol.3: Tropical House (zipped file)
  • Inside: Serum sounds expertly created while working on Tropical House tracks. The .zip file contains over 80 powerful presets for Serum (worked them on a 1.092).


1. Presets

  • 10 Bass Presets
  • 08 Flute Presets
  • 22 Leads Presets
  • 28 Pluck Presets
  • 8 Pads Presets
  • 4 Effects Presets

2. Midi Files

  • 60+ Tropical House MIDI files

3. Ableton Live 9 Project (Standard Editions). This version will help you get an idea of how to get those sounds into a track – offering you the already prearranged demo template for Ableton.

  • Tropical House Ableton Project (with different song ideas, see video in tab)

Story behind this pack We used to have what we thought were great ideas for songs but then got stuck in the process of making them because of losing too much time in the process of finding or creating the right preset or sound in the synth. Well, we though it shouldn’t be that way. Imagine you could take that idea, quickly browse your preset library – a wide collection of clear go-to presets, smooth production starters, crisp signature lead and key sounds, crunchy bass presets and velvety pad sounds – select your preferred preset that works best for the start and then move on to the next element. We’ve taken a lot of studio time to create exactly this kind of collection. Whenever we recreated some famous artist’s signature sound or thought we just made a production-essential preset, we’ve put it into the package. After we compiled that pack, we found ourselves to be tremendously more inspired and motivated because we’re saving so much valuable time in the beginning of the production process, and we’ve gotten a lot more productive.

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