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download for free Plugin Boutique - Scaler 2 v2.4.0

Plugin Boutique – Scaler 2 v2.4.0

year / Date of Release : 05.2021

Version : 2.4.0

Developer : Plugin Boutique

Developer site : Plugin Boutique

Format : VSTi, VST3, AUi

Bit depth : 64bit

Tablet : present (replacement files + license) | MORiA

System requirements : Windows 7 and later | OS X 10.8 and later (64-bit compatible)

Description: Scaler is a unique and inspiring MIDI effect instrument that makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun! With note detection, scale selection and chord suggestions, Scaler is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use tool to help everyone create better music. The first of its kind, Scaler can determine what key and scale you are working in, and suggest chords that suit your music. With a built-in bank of over 1,700 scales and keys, including genres and artist presets, Scaler has enough to keep you inspired


New “Common Progressions” Chord Sets

New Performances, Bass & Sequences

New genre Chord Sets: EDM & Metal

2 new Pluck Sounds


Progression – Add “Maintain Voicing” option to adapt the suggested chords to your progression’s voicing.

Neo-Riemannian – Add “Minimise Movement” option.

Mediants – Add “Group Voicing” option to prevent jumps in the octave between distant chords.


Add new mappable commands to control Scaler with MIDI CC or keyboard shortcut.


Add the ability to bind chords to “All” keys instead of “Only White” keys.

Add the ability to start the “Bind” area from any note of the keyboard.

Add the ability to switch between OCT / ST steps when defining the “Bind” area from the side menu.

Add new binding mode “True Scale” to map chords on notes belonging to the selected scale.

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