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download for free PASTEL Sample Library- Kavan Dignam

PASTEL Sample Library- Kavan Dignam

25 placement ready self composed samples featuring live instrumentation for any producer out there accomodating to a range of genres including rnb and hip hop.


adam_eve_88_c#minor (@kavandignam1)

backstage_pass_100_d#minor (@kavandignam1)

biro_124_cminor (@kavandignam1)

colors_127bpm_bm @kavandignam1

ComebackSeason_120 continental_142_c#m @kavandignam1

Dance_90_bm @kavandignam1 deck_chair_128_gminor (@kavandignam1)

finish_line_134 normal_ greece_f#m_168 @kavandignam1

influences_108_a#minor (@kavandignam1)

lessons_147_bminor (@kavandignam1)

long_tango_128_a#minor (@kavandignam1)

MakesSense_129_g#m @kavandignam1 marilyn_monroe_134_cminor (@kavandignam1

) nettles_141_c#minor(chopped) (@kavandignam1)

oz soundscape 79 rnb version_3 red_curtains_152_d#minor (@kavandignam1)

Sizzlin_125_cm @kavandignam1 Speed_134_fm @kavandignam1

TooCrazy_152_d#m @kavandignam1 toothpaste_121_cminor (@kavandignam1)

tykae_137 Viberil_85_dm @kavandignam1 wishing_well_128_eminor (@kavandignam1)

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