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ModeAudio Astral Phase – Synthwave Loops WAV

‘Astral Phase – Synthwave Loops’ hurtles from the ModeAudio studio at the speed of light, a stellar explosion of cosmic sonic energy that will cover your music in an entire meteor shower of SciFi Synthwave euphoria!

Feel the gravitational pull of this colossal 481MB collection of 100% royalty-free music loops, drum samples, a universe of luminous, neon-bathed sound that will supercharge your tracks with vintage synth nostalgia and irresistible analog warmth.

The central thruster of this spacecraft of a sound pack is an offering of 176 music loops, a sublime selection of careening synth leads, rumbling analog basslines, dancing arps, soaring pads and slamming drum machine grooves, all caked in galactic dust and classic, retro-fired character.


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