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download for free Lofi Beats & Soul Guitar by Cloudchord

Lofi Beats & Soul Guitar by Cloudchord

Publisher : Dropgun Samples

Website :


Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Each of the 5 kits contains a variety of chord and melodic elements, including professionally recorded guitars, rhodes, tympani, bass, piano and hardware synthesizers.

At the rhythmic end, each kit contains both loops and a single line of drum sounds, which are kind of dusty and loopy but still slaps in the face. You will also find a mix of rhythmically tight and off-mesh loops.

Producers may find that most of the elements in these 5 kits would find their way into other genres such as TRAP, FUTURE BASS, indie electronic, house and hip hop.


Total Audio Files: 196 Total Presets Files: 7 (Sylenth, Serum) 5 x Construction Kits

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