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iTunes Back up and Restore

iTunes Back up and Restore in 2021

As iTunes is built in app, it is a handy toolkit and multifunctional media players for IOS device’s user. It especially for IPad, ipod, iPhone for backups and restoring. If you are an iPhone user you have two very simple way to back up your data and restore them.

Option one is to use iCloud to restore your data in simple way but offers only 5GB for free backup. 

Another option is to use iTunes , which supports both WiFi and USB for restoring data.

The benefit of using iCloud to restoring data, there is no space limitations and money charged. And your files are fully in your control.

How to backup iPhone or iPad via iTunes

Note:- don’t forget to turn off iCloudi before making iTunes backups.
Follow the steps , navigate to your device, go to the setting, click on iCloud next Storage & Backup, then turn off the iCloud Backup switch.

Wi-Fi Connection:

Steps 1:- First Go to your iPhone or iPad device, then tap on Settings >then click on General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.

Steps 2:- Now Select your computer from the list and click “Sync Now”.

Note: iOS device will automatically sync when the your device meets these three conditions:

  1. Your iDevice is in standby model and the screen is locked.
  2. Your iDevice is connected to a Wi-Fi.
  3. Your iDevice is simultaneously charging.

USB Connection:

Connect your iPhone device or iPad device to your computer and then launch iTunes.
Go to the top left corner, and then click on your device. Then you will see your device information, you will see the backups and other options.

Navigate to the second part “Backups”, then click on “Back Up Now” to backup your iPhone or iPad to iTunes (actually all of the backup data that was restore was saved on your computer).

Once your backup process is finished, you can able to find your backup files easily in case you need to restore your device from it. Simply you can go to the following location according to your operating system:
For Mac users : ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/
For Windows users: \Users(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.

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