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download for free Ilya Efimov - Domra (KONTAKT)

Ilya Efimov – Domra (KONTAKT)

Publisher : Ilya Efimov Production

Website :

Format : KONTAKT

Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Domra is a Russian folk musical instrument that became most widespread in Russia in the 16th century among musicians – buffoons. In 1648, by decree of the tsar, persecution of buffoons began, and the domra soon disappeared. Found again in 1896, it was reconstructed by V.V. Andreev together with the master S.I.

Nalimov, who created its orchestral varieties. These were three-stringed domras (small, alto, bass) with a quarter system. The reconstruction of the instrument immediately introduced the domra into the field of academic musical art. The domra group has become not only an indispensable part of the Russian folk orchestra, but also formed its melodic basis.

In addition, domra is used as a solo instrument. Concert pieces and works are written for her.

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