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download for free Earth Moments - Electro Folk India Vol.2 (WAV)

Earth Moments – Electro Folk India Vol.2 (WAV)

Publisher : Earth Moments

Website :

Format : WAV

Quality : 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo


EarthMoments reopens new horizons with the second installment in the Electro Folk India series, which brings you a collection of Indian folk instruments samples performed by the best musicians in India. Electro Folk India Vol 2 is a versatile and complete product that will suit a wide range of styles and add a new dimension to traditional sounds.


• 24-Bit Quality • 780MB • 175 Loops • 14 Angel Sarangi Loops • 17 Bapang On Saturn No Pitch Loops • 28 Bass Dholak 90 BPM Loops • 16 Divine Mantra Loops • 9 Flute Nebula Loops • 21 Galactic Khol Loops • 33 Kanjira Gravity Loops • 18 Konnakol Shiva Loops • 19 Neptunian Khol Loops

Additional Information

EarthMoments once again breaks new ground to bring you ‘Electro Folk India Vol 2’, the next in this series of unique soundscape products. 780MB of content, 175 loops and a range of authentic Indian instruments have been processed into new and previously unheard sounds.

Optimized with the closest attention to detail and recorded using tube pre-amps and mics at stunning 96kHz quality, Volume 2 of this essential sound library consists of over 170 samples taken from the Konnakol Shiva, Galactic Khol, Bass Dholak on Pluto, Divine Mantra, Angel Sarangi, and more.

‘Electro Folk India Vol 2’ brings you a boutique collection of samples created by a fusion of analog and digital. Live recordings of India’s folk instruments performed by top Indian musicians have been given unique digital treatments, creating a one of a kind samples bundle. This collection pushes all soundscape boundaries and is the future sound of ethnic and electronic music.

The Electro Folk India collection is the ultimate product for a wide range of music production styles, adding a whole new dimension to traditional sounds.

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