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download for free Discovery Firm Alma Flamenco WAV

Discovery Firm Alma Flamenco WAV

This best-selling library offers over 500 loops and sounds in Rex2, and Acid (Wav) format. This library includes characteristic percussion, such as bongo and castanets, plus the elegant and powerful Spanish guitar. Give your music ?south of the border? flavor with this remarkable, authentic collection.

Tech Specs:

600 Acidised Wav Files

342 Rex2 Files

Bongos 28 Loops 61 One shots

Cajon 21 Loops 19 One shots

Castanuela 13 Loops 22 One shots

Guitarras 121 Loops 80 One shots

Palmas 28 Loops 24 One shots

Snaps 7 Loops 21 One shots

Taconeo 16 Loops 15 One shots

Female Voices 27 Loops

Male Voices 76 Loops 10 One shots

Group Voices 5 Loops 6 One shots

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