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download for free Cymatics - LoFi Bundle (MIDI, WAV)

Cymatics – LoFi Bundle (MIDI, WAV)

Publisher : Cymatics

Website :

Format : MIDI, WAV

Quality : 16/24/32 bit 44.1 / 48 kHz stereo

Description : Producer Week: Lofi Bundle

New collection of unique melodies, guitar loops and piano tracks perfect for Lofi music.

Gems Vol 22 – Lofi Melodies

Our most popular melodic series is back! Gems Vol. 22 is filled with incredible Lofi style melodies processed in analog mode.

The team recently got a bunch of new equipment to work on them, so this time they looked very unique. Each melodic loop has its own basics and MIDI file, so you have a lot more room to work with when it comes to creating your next track.

Lofi – Guitar Loops Vol 2

Our latest collection of incredibly warm and nostalgic Lofi style guitar samples.

We decided to give everyone another guitar pack as everyone loved Lofi Guitars Vol. 1. Inside you will find a variety of analog-processed guitar loops, ideal for creating loopy-style tracks.

Boom – Piano Compositions

Professionally recorded full-length piano compositions, each filled with a lot of emotions.

We approached these new piano samples differently than in the past, working with a professional pianist to create full-length compositions, not just loops.


Gems Vol 22 – Lofi Melodies 20 samples Lofi – Guitar Loops Vol 2 30 samples Boom – Piano Compositions 10 samples

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