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download for free Black Octopus Sound - Tribal & African Percussion (WAV)

Black Octopus Sound – Tribal & African Percussion (WAV)

Publisher : Black Octopus Sound

Website : Black Octopus Sound

Format : WAV

Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description: Adding a human element to electronic music can really add a special quality and groove that would otherwise be difficult to get by arranging samples. Tribal & African contains about 300 percussion loops and single samples, recorded live and played by an experienced percussionist. Place these samples on your tracks and watch them come to life, or cut rhythms to create completely new grooves. Single samples of all loops are also provided, so if you prefer to create your own beats on the MPC, Maschine, or in your own DAW, then all the sounds are ready to go.

The samples are perfect for a producer looking to add African & Cumbia rhythms to their tracks. The loops are recorded at different tempos, so you can use these sounds in many genres, including various forms of EDM. Leading artists like Major Lazer constantly mix their EDMs with Latin and African beats, so we encourage users to experiment and think creatively when using these sounds. Rhythms act here as a starting point for achieving complex grooves.


9 Balafon Loops

121 Conga Loops

57 Djembe & Combo Loops

7 Shaker Loops

79 One shots

4 Talking Drum loops

Bonus Items: 18 Loops & One shots from the demo track

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