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download for free Best Service - Chris Hein Solo Violin (KONTAKT)

Best Service – Chris Hein Solo Violin (KONTAKT)

Publisher : Best Service

Website :

Format : KONTAKT

Description: Chris Hein Solo Violin – Eclipses all previous violin libraries. Never before has the sample library been so much dedicated to a single stringed instrument: recorded with the utmost care and infinite detail, precisely edited and combined into a practical and musical instrument for the Kontakt sampler, and a customized user interface with comprehensive scripts developed.

Chris Hein – Solo Violin features high quality sound and incredibly realistic articulations. This library offers everything that you have not found in other libraries. You get over 10,000 samples (4GB of data), 38 articulations, four different legato transitions, step-aligned samples for guaranteed smooth crossfading between notes with eight layers of velocity.

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