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Audio Ollie Nashville Scoring Strings KONTAKT PART-1,2 and 3

Publisher : Audio Ollie

Format : KONTAKT FULL & K’ed 5.8.1+

Installation : added via the Files tab (see spoiler

Screenshots )Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo

Description : INTRODUCING A NEW STANDARD.Featuring some of Nashville’s finest string performers at Ocean Way Studios, a world-class music scoring environment, we have dedicated over two years to capturing the expressive performances of the incredible musicians we have worked with.


Sampling During Performance – We approached sampling with phrases during performance. All short articulations were taken from real replays, and the legato was taken from real melodies. The result is the highest level of fluidity and musical expression.

Musicians of Nashville – Nashville is home to some of the finest musicians in the world. Top performers from across the country have become part of the Nashville music scene, including orchestras.

Soundtrack– Nashville has become a popular destination for the soundtrack of many films, TV shows and video games. Composers Bear McCreary, John Debney, Trevor Morris and Hans Zimmer have recently worked with Nashville Scoring and Oceanway Studios. With its growing popularity, Nashville is quickly becoming synonymous with Los Angeles and London as a popular voiceover destination for films.

Ocean Way Studio A – Ocean Way Studio A has been recognized for its unique sound. The premise built in an old church has a distinct early reflection and a tightly controlled atmosphere. Its flexible yet spacious three-dimensional sound makes it an ideal place for sampling strings.


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