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Audio Ease – The Church studio (ALTiVERB)

Publisher : Audio Ease

Website : audioease

Format : ALTIVERB 7.28+

Description : The Church Studios has been a professional recording studio since the 1980s, owned by Eurythmics. As the fame and fortune of the Eurythmics grew to immense heights, they acquired the building from Bura and Hardwick and continued to build their legacy.

Much of the band’s own catalog was recorded here, as were many of Dave Stewart’s other projects. But The Church also “hosted” everyone from Bob Dylan to Radiohead, Elvis Costello to Depeche Mode. Leading British producer Paul Epworth, along with renowned design group Walters-Storyk and Miloco Builds, set about transforming The Church into a world-class recording complex for the 21st century. The impulse responses were generated in a large session and huge curtains were pulled so the room sounds both large and close.

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