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download for free Antonov Samples - LP Guitar (KONTAKT)

Antonov Samples – Antonov Samples – LP Guitar (Repack) (KONTAKT)

Publisher : Antonov Samples

Website :

Format : KONTAKT

Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description : Description: With “LP Guitar” you can create realistic guitar phrases, rhythms, riffs and solos. And it’s easy and fast! The library is based on a Gibson Les Paul guitar, because this guitar has beautiful and versatile timbres and good readability in the mix. It is suitable for many genres: indie, pop, disco, funk, rock, metal, etc.


– Articulations (Legato, Slide, Strummer with 4 types of strums)

– Pickups switching

– Rhythm player (with base of ready rhythms)

– Zone switching (Positions)

– Humanize


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